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HB2380: Call for Action!

Updated: May 13

The Tennessee General Assembly is still in session and we are still fighting for our rights. One of the bills we are supporting is HB2380 which narrowly made it out of the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee last week. This bill would apply people with felonies on their records to apply for restoration of their voting rights regardless if they are eligible for gun ownership.

Right now, for some illogical reason, a person' right to vote is tied to whether they can legally own a gun. This bill separates those two rights and removes a senseless hurdle which kept people with past felony convictions from restoring their right to vote.

This bill will be heard again at the full House Committee this Wednesday. We are encouraging people to contact committee members and tell them to vote in support of this bill.

Watch the powerful testimony from last week's Subcommittee hearing:

Here is a news article about the bill:


Here are the committee members and how to contact them.

Message: "People who have been convicted of felonies and have served their time deserve to have their voting rights restored and it should have nothing to do with their being allowed to own a firearm. Please remove this barrier to restoring citizenship rights to people who are re-entering society. Thank you!"

Chairman Rep. Bud Hulsey (R, Kingsport):, 615-741-2886

Vice-Chair Rep. John Gillespie (R, Memphis):, 615-741-8201

Rep. Michelle Carringer (R, Knoxville):, 615-741-1721

Rep. Elaine Davis (R, Knoxville):, 615-741-2287

Rep. Clay Doggett (R, Pulaski):, 615-741-7476

Rep. Andrew Farmer (R, Sevierville):, 615-741-4419

Rep. Monty Fritts (R, Kingston):, 615-741-7658

Rep. Ronnie Glynn (D, Clarksville):, 615-741-2043

Rep. G.A. Hardaway (D, Memphis):, 615-741-5625

Rep. Dan Howell (R, Cleveland):, 615-741-7799

Rep. Gloria Johnson (D, Knoxville):, 615-741-2031

Rep. William Lamberth (R, Portland):, 615-741-1980

Rep. Debra Moody (R, Covington):, 615-741-3774

Rep. Lowell Russell (R, Vonore):, 615-741-3736

Rep. Joe Towns (D, Memphis):, 615-741-2189

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