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My pebble was a theft, then a robbery

My hypocrisy started the ripples of victimization

Behavior re-calibration minus criminal rehabilitation

By then, it’s too late

For heaven’s sake

Prep school prepared me to think critically

Apply physics to the streets and chemistry

To drug dealing

Biologically speaking I was bred for prison living

Mis-educated misogyny

Mired in complacency

How can the VICTIMS be restored when the STATE stands as the witness?

How can PRISONERS show their humanity when numbers replace stories and pictures?

The system stifles spirits, so I scribe my legacy

My potency poses threats to the complex’s fiscal efficiency

Corrections meets corporations?

It’s the latest business model for exploitation

Itemized violence traded on Nasdaq

Where is our collective conscience at?

Bets are being hedged on future attacks

Stock valuations based on violent facts

Prison demography is poverty times minority

Add that to the concept of a burgeoning prison industry

Stock holder capitalize on the neuroses left in my wake

How can you relate if my reality isn't your fate?

It’s not just me

The whole of the community is at stake

by Vox

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